Every time you sip on that hot brewing cup of Joe, you instantly feel a rush of energy and alertness. Ever wondered what causes it? The caffeine in coffee is majorly the reason behind this energy high. Many researches have studied the phenomenon and documented the following reasons for it:

  • Caffeine can boost the dopamine and acetylcholine levels in your brain. The effects of these neurotransmitters increase your level of concentration.
  • Your nervous system uses certain receptors to monitor the adenosine levels in your body. Throughout the day, as more and more of this chemical passes though the receptors, you feel sleepier. Caffeine blocks these receptors and this, in turn, prevents the brain from recognizing the sleep signals.
  • Drinking coffee also causes the release of catecholamine, an adrenaline-like compound that makes your heart beat faster, thus sending more blood to your muscles. This triggers your liver to release more sugar into the bloodstream to produce more energy.
  • It also causes an increase in the metabolic rate, which increases fat oxidation and builds the perception of increased physical and mental energy.

Apart from the flavor, you might have noticed that even the aroma of coffee can give you a high. This is because it stimulates the taste buds, thus triggering the serotonin levels in your brain, uplifting your mood and refreshing the mind. However, bear in mind that too much of anything could be bad for you. Enjoy coffee, but in moderation. Here are some natural methods to keep your energy levels high.

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