Kefir has been quite a rage among health buffs in the recent past. It’s similar to yogurt but has a lightly tart and sour taste. It’s usually available as a plain or flavored drink. Check out these quick facts about it:

  1. Consuming 175 grams of kefir makes up for 20 percent of your daily RDA for calcium. That means, you can easily substitute your regular dairy serving with this calcium-rich drink, for stronger teeth and bones.
  2. Kefir contains an amino acid called tryptophan that causes a relaxing effect. Drinking it a couple of hours before bed-time will help you sleep well.
  3. A single serving of non-fat, plain kefir contain 10.5 grams of proteins and has less than 100 calories. Without any extra fat content, this can help keep you well-satiated.
  4. Kefir is also a good source of B vitamins, including B12, which is usually found in meat-based foods. Vegetarians and vegans can get their B12 fix from kefir.
  5. If you’re not too fond of the taste, simple add them to your regular smoothies instead of milk or any other liquid. This way you can incorporate it in your diet without having to bear with its tart taste.

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