It may seem like skipping food and cutting calories may be the best way to lost weight, but that may not be wholly true. Researchers suggest that there are certain types of food that can aid weight loss. These foods rev up your metabolism and help you burn more calories.

1. Egg Whites: Rich in branched-chain amino acids, proteins and vitamin D, egg whites help keep-up your metabolism levels. That’s why people who workout regularly add more egg whites to their diet.

2. Lean Meat: Iron deficiency can slow down your metabolism. Ensure that you add a healthy serving of iron-rich foods like lean chicken or turkey to keep up the iron levels.

3. Chili Peppers: Hot chili peppers contain a chemical called capsaicin that can kick-start your metabolism and keep it high. So here’s a reason to enjoy spicy hot wings and Indian curries.

4. Whole Grains: Rice, quinoa and oatmeal are full of nutrients and complex carbohydrates that speed up your metabolism by stabilizing the insulin levels.

5. Citrus Fruits: Rich in vitamin C and other healthy components, citrus fruits like grapefruit and orange reduce insulin spikes and helps burn more fat by keeping metabolism up and alive.

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