Want to get high on happiness? How about you eat your way to it, and no, we’re not talking about eating those special brownies or fatty cakes. For years, researchers have studied the association between certain foods and improved moods. It is found that eating certain foods can impact your cognitive system, thus regulating your mood and maintaining normal brain function.

Here are five such foods to add to your diet, so your tummy is happy and you are, too.

1. Almonds: The nutritional composition of almonds works perfectly to release the body’s happy hormones. While vitamin B increases the serotonin levels, zinc and vitamin E prevent stress-causing free radicals. Try this Guilt-Free Chocolate Almond Pudding or Double Cherry Almond Muffins.

2. Greens: Veggies like collard greens, spinach and kale are rich in vitamin C and magnesium. Both these nutrients are important in converting tryptophan and tyrosine amino acids to serotonin and dopamine—the two neurotransmitters responsible for making you feel happy. To get you started, here are some healthy greens recipes made delicious.

3. Dark Chocolate: Need we say more? Apart from being delicious, it has flavonoids that lower the stress hormones in the body. It also contains phenethylamine, a natural ingredient that helps release happy hormones in the brain. Try Fresh Fruit Fondue With Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Bark or Oatmeal Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies.

4. Citrus Fruits: Lack of vitamins B and C, iron, potassium and zinc can cause you to feel low. Citrus fruits like orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit help fulfill this requirement. Their smell alone is so refreshing that it livens you up. In addition, their natural sugars de-stress the mind and improve energy levels. Make these Healthy Blueberry Orange Popsicles or a Lemon Pineapple Cooler for your dose of vitamin C.

5. Eggs: Together with the yolk and the white, an egg makes for the perfect combination of vitamins, healthy fats, minerals and proteins. But did you know that eggs could lower anxiety and stress too? They contain folate, vitamin B12 and D, all of which have been associated with triggering your happy hormones. And that’s not all, there are many more health benefits of eating eggs.

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