No Super Bowl party is complete without a football whoopie pie, but there’s also no arguing that this cream-filled, sugar-rich dessert is a calorie bomb. Here are a few swaps that give it a healthier twist.

1. Substitute The Chocolate Cake: Switch to a pumpkin or gingerbread cake instead of chocolate. This is traditionally acceptable, while also being healthy and delicious.

2. Use Low-Fat Cream: The cream filling or the frosting is an integral part of the recipe, so we won’t ask you to substitute it with another ingredient. But you can surely use low-fat cream or milk to whip up a healthier frosting.

3. Add Fruit To The Cream: Add fruit like strawberry or raspberry to the filling. This way, you add a new flavor profile, while adding to the nutrition quotient too.

4. Use Cocoa: If you insist on making a traditional chocolate whoopie pie, skip the commercial chocolate and use cocoa powder instead. Rich in antioxidants, it is a much healthier option with multiple health benefits.

5. Try A Vegan Pie: When you go the vegan way, you will naturally skip the rich cream and butter. Make a lighter pie with marshmallow cream and almond or soy milk.

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