The year thus far has been about superfoods, grains, fortified drinks and more. And now it’s time to acknowledge the most deserving guys in the food category. Amongst the dozens of food products that have been nominated for this year’s Healthy Food Awards across publications, we’ve spotted the hottest trends.

According to a recent report by Baum+Whiteman, technology is changing the way we eat. Basic foods are being mashed and rehashed into convenient, packaged items that are easy to consume on the move. The busy working professional can now have his vitamin-packed kale to go, or chug down a protein-fortified juice at his desk. We look at some of the foods that have emerged as a result of electronic wizardry, which we predict will rule the supermarkets in the months to come.

1. Greek Yogurt Bars
Up until now, Greek yogurt was a simple health food, but it just got a whole lot better with candy-like bars. Made with natural ingredients such as real Greek yogurt, low-fat milk and natural sweeteners, this healthy treat is high on protein and low on fat. You can try various flavors of these bars by Yasso, Healthy Choice or Yoplait.

2. Ancient Grains Bars
Health and wellness experts have been raving about the benefits of ancient grains like quinoa, brown rice, and amaranth for some time now. As the trend gets more intense, food brands have come up with quick and accessible ways to bring these grains to you. As part of the effort, ancient grain bars have hit the market. They are loaded with the goodness of vitamins and fiber; they’re high on protein, and low on sugar too. Try the grain bars by Pure Organic, Freedom or Udi’s.

3. Sandwich Thins
Yet another way of consuming healthy food conveniently, sandwich thins are available in multigrain, whole grain, wheat, and rye variants. They are way healthier and ‘thinner’ than regular bread, every dieter’s dream come true! You could use them as an alternative to English muffins or burger buns. You can also use them as a mini pizza base, or toast and enjoy them with an egg scramble. Look out for sandwich thins by Arnold and Pepperridge Farm.

4. Superfruit Juices
These packaged juices will make it easier to consume fruit and superfoods. They are way more nutritious, and have several health benefits including skincare and digestive health. We’ve already begun seeing the rise of power-packed superfruit juices like acacia, goji berry, and noni juice. Many more new blends will be introduced by brands like Genesis Today and MOAB.

5. Fermented Food Products
Ask the health buffs, they can’t get enough of fermented food. As products like kefir and kombucha gain popularity, we will see the rise of the packaged varieties of these foods. Explore the fermented food options by Lifeways, try Wallabay Organic’s kefir drink, and Reed’s Culture Club’s line of kombuchas.

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