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You might not want to, but you know that eating vegetables is important for your health. Read up on these interesting facts about veggies that might just inspire you to add them to your diet.

1. The Bitterness In Cucumbers Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer
Cucumbers contain compounds known as cucurbitacin B and C that give it that bitter taste. Did you know that these compounds can help kill cancerous cells, which can otherwise lead to breast cancer?

Tip: Add a dash of lime or a pinch of chilli flakes or rock salt to your cucumber to lower its bitterness.

2. Spinach Aids In Digestion
While you have heard about the goodness of spinach for your eyesight, did you know that eating spinach can also help improve digestion, as well as prevent related issues such as constipation or heartburn?

Tip: Cook your spinach lightly, to increase its health benefits.

3. Carrots Are Nature’s Little Toothbrush
Eating carrots in their raw form will help kill the germs in your mouth because of their antiseptic properties while the minerals will protect your teeth and gums against any damage. Chomping on carrots also helps remove the food stuck in your teeth.

Tip: Chew on raw carrots to help build on your oral health.

4. Potatoes Are Actually Good For Weight Loss
You always thought that potatoes will make you gain weight, but the complex carbohydrates in potatoes will give you that boost of energy and make you feel full faster, avoiding the urge to binge-eat.

Tip: Snack of a plate of roasted or baked potatoes to avoid any mid-meal binging. Keep away from fried potato though.

5. Onions Prevent Diabetes
Onions are one of the rarest dietary sources of chromium, which helps to maintain your blood sugar levels and helps prevent diabetes.

Tip: Add a spoonful of sautéed onions over your salads or main dishes to add some taste and health.

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