Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate has a higher concentration of cacao (70% to 85%) and lesser amount of sugar, which makes it healthier than any other type of chocolate. A 100 gm bar packs in 11 grams of fiber and 67% of the daily recommended intake of iron. Keep it handy to satisfy your sweet tooth and to add to dessert.

Treating yourself to comfort foods can surely help lift your spirits. But it’s not just the appealing textures and aroma we’re talking about (and we’re certainly not recommending greasy fries and high-calorie pastry, comforting as they may be). Some foods possess natural qualities that optimize and balance the release of happy hormones in your body.

Instead of reaching for those bag of chips, eat this when you’re grumpy:

  1. Mussels: One of the best natural sources of Vitamin B12, this seafood will give a sluggish brain a jump-start. Zinc, selenium and iodine are some of its other constituent nutrients that promote the proper functioning of the brain, and regulate thyroid in the body. Enjoy it without guilt, as it’s very low on fat and calories. Try this scrumptious Mussels & Squid Recipe.
  2. Green Tea: This is especially great for a wandering mind. If you’re too distracted, calm yourself with a pure cup of green tea. Besides its many health and beauty benefits, green tea is also a quick fix for an anxious mind. It contains theanine, an amino acid that eases the nerves and helps you focus. Don’t miss these five healthy varieties of green tea.
  3. Beef: As long as  it’s lean and grass-fed, put it on your menu. Good quality beef contains healthy fats like linoleic acid that help combat stress hormones. It also packs in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and well, a happy heart mends it all.
  4. Dark Chocolate: If the smooth taste of dark chocolate can’t fix your mood, we don’t know what can. It improves the flow of blood in the brain, making you feel energized and elated. Enjoy it as is, or try this Fresh Fruit Fondue with Dark Chocolate.
  5. Greek Yogurt: This is a powerhouse of calcium, even better than milk or regular yogurt. Sure, calcium is essential to maintain healthy bones and teeth, but did you know that it helps release feel-good neurotransmitters in your brain too? Plus, its deficiency can cause irritability, anxiety and even lead to depression. So we share eight wonderful ways to enjoy Greek yogurt.

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