Adding herbs to your food is the best way to enhance its flavor and nutritional value. But there’s more to culinary herbs than just ginger and garlic. We give you three herbs that can be added to any dish: sweet or savory. Plus, we share herbed recipes from the Z Living kitchen:

  1. Basil: This ayurvedic herb is called the ‘queen of herbs’ due to its multiple health benefits. It helps in maintaining blood sugar levels and hormonal balance, combats seasonal ailments, and reduces the occurrence of stress and headaches. It also has purifying properties that help improve skin and hair health. Holy basil leaves can be added to stir-fry dishes, or can be paired with seasonal veggies into a refreshing salad. To make them appealing for the kids, simply add basil to your healthy whole-grain pasta dish, or try this parmesan dip. To get the best medicinal benefits form the herb, make a cooling drink with ginger, basil and lime.
  2. Mint: This zesty herb has been celebrated for its medicinal properties since ancient times. It aids in healthy digestion, purifies the blood and reduces menstrual problems. It also makes for an all-natural way to maintain fresh breath and a good mood. The minty delight works best in hot and cold beverages; you can try it in this chocolate nib smoothie or green tea. To give a twist to your regular bland meals, prepare tahini mint sauce or a mint and parsley pesto. And for days when you crave sugar, go for these healthy sweet recipes: moroccan mint & argan oil frozen yogurt, fudge mint brownies, or fresh watermelon with lime zest & mint.
  3. Rosemary: A fragrant herb native to the Mediterranean region, rosemary has the ability to enhance your memory and concentration. It also helps alleviate sore muscles and boosts immunity. Roast your carrots and parsnips with this aromatic herb for a flavorful side dish, or add it to your sandwich spread, or simply enjoy it with baby potatoes.

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