They say drinking a glass of warm water mixed with honey and lemon every morning, on an empty stomach, can help you lose weight. But have you ever wondered how or why it helps? Read on to know more about it.

  • Lemon is packed with a type of fiber called pectin that keeps you feeling satiated, thus avoiding unreasonable cravings.
  • Lemon also helps detox the body, thus eliminating toxins, and readying you for a fresh start to the day.
  • Honey helps relieve acidity, increases production of intestinal mucus, and also improves digestion. All these factors help your body use the food you eat more efficiently, without storing extra fat.
  • When you drink this hearty concoction in the morning, it gives you a surge of energy that keeps you up and going for a long time. This is also why it has been recommended as an ideal mid-afternoon drink instead of coffee, which has more calories and some erratic after-effects.
  • The combination of warm water, honey and lemon creates a more alkaline atmosphere in your stomach that promotes weight loss.

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