The season is getting warm, so naturally, your foods must get cooler. This is the time to introduce some refreshing and hydrating foods to your diet. Since your body temperature is likely to be on the higher side, it’s best to avoid the foods that can further increase the temperature, leaving you feeling dehydrated and worn out. Put these out of site:

  1. Strong Spices: The chemical cayenne in spices gives them their sharp flavor, which also raises your body temperature. So when you flavor food, go easy on the spices. Instead, use refreshing fruits, and season your food with mild herbs.
  2. Coffee & Alcoholic Beverages: Caffeine, alcohol and soda all work as diuretics and increase water loss from the body through urine. Dehydration could lead to several summer ailments, so it’s best to fill up on fruit waters and natural juices this season.
  3. Meat: Fish, chicken and seafood all make you sweat more, leading to dehydration. You also want to avoid red meats, which increase the heat in the body. Moderation is key.
  4. Fried Food: You might want to gorge on French fries and chicken wings, but not when the sun is out. Too much oil consumption reduces the percentage of water in the body, thus dehydrating you.
  5. Sauces: Whether it’s cheese sauce, barbecue sauce, or your favorite hot sauce, it’s best avoided in summer. Most store-bought sauces contain too much sodium and sugar, which can leave you feeling bloated and sluggish, and could also increase your body heat.

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