Gooey, sweet and so satisfying, condensed milk is a star in most childhood memories. Eaten on top of toast for breakfast, drizzled over some tart berries for dessert, added to baked foods, stirred into an aromatic coffee or shaken with iced milk; it’s difficult not to think of ways in which this pantry staple brings joy.

Tins of it keep forever and once opened, will last for a month if refrigerated and indefinitely if frozen (as long as it is transferred to another sealable container). Healthy if consumed in moderation, a tablespoon of it contains around 62 calories, almost 2g fat, and 1.5g protein besides 54mg calcium, 36mg potassium, 5mg magnesium, vitamin A, and traces of other vitamins and minerals. It is better than cream surely, which has 5.5g fat per tablespoon. For those watching their fat and sugar intake, there are low-fat and fat-free versions available.

While there are many easy recipes to enjoy condensed milk, we give you six quick and simple tips on how to make the best of this delicious ingredient.

  1. Boost Boring Beverages: Spooning some condensed milk into your coffee or spiced black tea and chilling it will result in a cool summer beverage with a gentle caffeine kick.
  2. Add Oomph To Baked Foods: Allow its milk proteins to bring a toasty flavor to bars, lend creaminess to fudge and caramels or further sweeten coconut macaroons and puddings. Toss some on stone fruits like peaches or apricots and pop in the oven till they all dissolve into a decadent, mushy mess.
  3. Morph Savory Marinades: Stop thinking about it only in terms of dessert and infuse its sweetness into pork or chicken in grilled or roasted dishes. Asian-style marinades work best in this case.
  4. Pump Up Frozen Desserts: If you’re making ice cream or frozen yogurt with non-dairy items like coconut milk, banana or soy, adding some condensed milk will lend it a smoother and sweeter creaminess without any of the crystals that sugar involves.
  5. Bend That Blender: Pimp out your smoothies by blitzing some condensed milk with a creamy fruit like banana or avocado for a healthy, rich, liquid meal.
  6. Caramelize It: Raise regular condensed milk to a higher level of flavor by crafting some dulce de leche, which can be spread on pancakes or introduced into cakes and muffins. All you have to do is simmer in a saucepan or double boiler on super low heat until it turns darker and thicker. This can then be used to make innumerable dishes.

If you are unable to enjoy condensed milk due to lactose intolerance or allergies to dairy products, just whip up you own vegan version at home.

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