Kelp, or seaweed, is not just beneficial to the ocean, it can be quite a useful addition to your diet as well. It has been a staple in Asian and European cuisines for years, but it is only now that our modern diets have begun to call on this nutritious sea vegetable.

In fact, it is now compared to the green goodness of kale. In its fresh, frozen form, it has a mild flavor that lacks the salty and fishy hints present in dried kelp. Adding the fresh variety to your omelet or smoothie provides you with oodles of nutrition, without messing with the flavor of the food.

Read on to find out why kelp should be the next superfood on your grocery list:

Rich In Vitamins & Minerals
Kelp is an excellent source of an array of nutrients, including 11 vitamins (particularly the B group), 46 minerals, and 16 amino acids. This rich composition helps strengthen the bones, builds immunity, and facilitates the muscle functions in the body.

Aids In Thyroid Regulation
Kelp is an excellent source of natural iodine that helps regulate the thyroid hormone, which in turn, benefits our metabolism and energy levels. There are very few good iodine supplements out there, so you might want to stock up on kelp.

Promotes Weight Loss
A deficiency in iodine affects your metabolic functioning by a whopping 50 percent. Kelp fixes these iodine issues, thus aiding metabolic rate and promoting weight loss. Moreover, its fiber content also helps you detox, and lose weight.

So go ahead and include kelp as an essential green in your pantry.

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