Most of us think that peanuts are nuts, and the supermarkets that place them right next to the nuts confirms our false belief. However, they are actually legumes, a member of the beans and peas family that originated in Paraguay.

Legumes are plants with edible seeds and grow underground, unlike nuts, which grow on trees. Peanut flowers grow above the ground and then migrate underground, where they reach maturity and ripen. They are removed during harvesting. Each plant produces around 20 peanuts. Consuming these crunchy nuts gives you 20 to 30 percent more protein than any conventional nut. They help deal with malnutrition, Alzheimer’s Disease, and age-related cognitive decline. So go ahead, indulge in a handful of these non-nuts.

For your daily dose of protein, it is recommended to have 2 tbsp of peanuts a day.

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