The next time you look for a healthy snack, consider popcorn. It isn’t exactly new on the block, especially since Native Americans were enjoying it even before the birth of Christ. But did you know that plain popcorn could actually be good for you?

Popcorn kernel has more antioxidants than several fruits. Studies have shown that it boast four times more polyphenols, cancer-fighting plant compounds, than what can be found in fruits. For this reason, it has recently joined the ranks of kale and artichoke as being a superfood.

That being said, a typical bag of movie theater popcorn is devoid of nutritional value. It is loaded with heart-damaging trans fats and is high in calories and sodium. Most microwave popcorn bags contain nonstick chemicals linked to infertility, thyroid problems and ADHD. So what’s the best way to enjoy this snack? Make a safer, tastier version at home with either organic grass fed butter, coconut oil or ghee. You can also buy organic popcorn from brands such as Tiny But Mighty, Eden Foods or Great Northern. Try adding healthy seasonings such as oregano or rosemary, turmeric or chili powder.

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