Whether it’s a late night craving or a genuine hunger pang, giving in to midnight snacking will only add to unwanted calories, thus jeopardizing your diet. If you’ve fallen prey to it one too many times, here are a few tips to beat it.

1. Eat High Fiber Food: High fiber foods like leafy greens, beans and mushrooms are low on calories and can yet keep you feeling full for longer. Add such foods to your dinner, and drink plenty of water all day to prevent falling prey to midnight snacking.

2. Don’t Eat Dinner Too Early: If you eat your dinner at 6 or 7 pm and sleep around midnight, you are bound to get hungry closer to bedtime. Schedule your dinner in such a way that you eat two to four hours before sleeping.

3. Keep Your Kitchen Clear From Pitfall Foods: Chips, candies, cookies or even leftover pizza should be kept out of your pantry at all times, because when you crave food at night, you’re more likely to choose such fatty foods. These foods are not only calorie-laden but also take longer to digest, thus burdening your digestive system at night.

4. Check For Triggers: Analyze your behavior to check what really causes you to snack at night. If working late makes you hungry, then shift your work to daytime. Another helpful trick is to quickly brush your teeth and floss after dinner, thus demotivating you from eating anything later.

5. Be Prepared With Plan B: If none of the above mentioned tips work and the hunger pang is just driving you crazy, be ready with plan B. This includes storing a super healthy set of eatables so that you can satisfy the craving without pressuring your diet. Popcorn, dark chocolate, celery sticks or simply an apple makes for a better snack than cake and cookies.

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