Apple Cider Vinegar: Your salad doesn’t exactly qualify as being healthy if it is doused in creamy dressings. Use apple cider vinegar (ACV) instead. Not only is it low on calories but is also known to have several health benefits that improve the heart health. Combine ACV with some olive oil to prepare a homemade salad dressing that will flavor your veggies and greens.

Right from dietary uses to skincare and natural cleansing, apple cider vinegar (ACV) has multiple uses. While there may not be a risk involved in using it externally, you might want to consider these pros and cons before consuming it orally.


  • Drinking diluted apple cider vinegar with water and honey in the morning, or even up to three times a day, helps keep you fuller. Several studies have linked it to weight loss benefits.
  • Consuming it daily helps keep your blood glucose levels in check.
  • Vinegar is known to lower cholesterol and can support your heart’s health.
  • It can also amp up your immune system.


  • Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic and can damage the tooth enamel if it isn’t diluted.
  • If you’re diabetic, check with a doctor before having ACV, as it contains chromium that can affect your insulin levels.
  • It could also react with medicines, laxatives and diuretics.

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