Obesity is a major concern in the nation today; more and more Americans are resorting to artificial sweeteners to control their daily calorific intake. Widely used, the most common sugar substitutes in US are aspartame, stevia, sucralose, neotame, acesulfame potassium, saccharin, and advantame. Let’s find out if they’re good for you:


  • Promote Weight Loss: Artificial sweeteners can be used to sweeten several foods and drinks, without adding to the calories. Thus, they help maintain healthy weight.
  • Tastes Better: They give a sweeter flavor to your food without increasing your sugar levels.
  • Economical: Many artificial sweeteners cost lesser than sugar. Because they have a strong sweet flavor, you use them in a lesser quantity as compared to sugar.
  • Diabetes-Friendly: Free of carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners have negligible effect on blood sugar.
  • Tooth-Friendly: As these sweeteners are not fermented, they prevent the plaque formation that is caused by sugar.


  • Side Effects: Reportedly, artificial sweeteners can cause side-effects like headache and dizziness, mood changes, fatigue, depression, anxiety attacks, nausea, insomnia, joint pain, muscle spasms, heart palpitations, constipation and swelling of certain body parts.
  • Linked To Cancer: Artificial sweeteners are linked to an increased risk of cancer.
  • Increased Sugar Cravings: As they are not natural flavors, they might not be able to satisfy your sweet tooth, leading you to eat more than usual.
  • Don’t Work Great For Baked Goods: Unlike sugar, these sweeteners are not able to make cakes bulky and dense. In addition, they don’t melt like sugar, which is likely to deform the texture of baked goods.

While we recommend limiting your intake of all artificial foods, you can also switch to natural sweeteners for substituting refined sugar.

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