Quick and easy, frozen foods are the number one convenient cooking option. No wonder people purchase and store frozen fish, fruits, vegetables, even burgers, shakes and nuggets. Some even stock frozen breads, soups and curries. “Freezing in essence is nature’s pause button,” says researcher Ronald Pegg. “It maintains freshness, slows down enzymatic reactions, and increases the time it takes anything to degrade,” he adds. How healthy is this? Let’s find out:


  • Convenient: Frozen foods are pre-washed and often cut, and don’t take much time or skill for cooking.
  • Easily Available: They are easily available at any grocery store. Moreover, they are available in off-seasons too at relatively lower prices than the fresh variety.
  • Easy To Store: They have a long shelf life, which extends to about one year.
  • The Nutrients Stay Put: Freezing food preserves its minerals and vitamins and keeps them fresh. Fresh produce, on the other hand, loses some of its nutrition and freshness during the transit from farm to store.
  • Reduced Risk Of Food Poisoning: Freezing kills bacteria and micro-organisms, thus preventing indigestion and food-poisoning.


  • Use Of Preservatives: Frozen foods are loaded with sodium and artificial preservatives to keep them fresh for longer. These components are harmful for health.
  • Loss Of Nutrients: They’re processed before freezing, which results in the loss of certain vitamins like B and C.
  • Unappetizing Odor: For some foods, extensive freezing results in the loss of natural aromas, leaving behind a strong, unpleasant odor.

To sum it up, frozen foods are healthy, however, you must balance it out with an intake of fresh foods as well.

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