Bad breath can be a complete deal breaker. Medically, this condition is known as halitosis and is caused by a kind of bacteria that lodges itself in the mouth.

Ideally you’d want to rinse with a good mouthwash to get rid of the foul smell, but you can’t always carry one with you, can you? To get yourself out of this embarrassing situation, turn to aromatic spices. Several cultures around the world consume spices after a meal, to deodorize the mouth and get rid of stuck morsels. You could use fennel, clove, parsley, and fenugreek to do just that. The wonderful natural aroma will get infused in your mouth as you chew. It is likely to linger more than the aroma of chewing gum.

So if you suffer from bad breath, keep a small box of spices handy, and feel fresh instantly.

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