Onions: If your nose starts bleeding, smell on a freshly cut onion. Rich in sulfur which acts as a blood thickening agent, onions work well to stop a nose bleed.

Onions add just the right amount of flavor and nutrition to food and yet, when it comes to cooking, we all dread the tears that go into chopping them. So what exactly causes us to tear-up and how do we prevent it?

When you cut an onion it releases a fine spray of droplets. These droplets contain a compound that causes the lachrymal glands in the eyes to get irritated, thus releasing tears. Luckily there are quite a few tried and tested remedies to prevent it. One such solution is to freeze them.

Keep the onions in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before chopping or peeling them. Once the cells freeze, they are slow to react and emit these tear-inducing droplets. You can quickly chop up an entire batch before they return to normal temperature and begin releasing the fumes again.

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