Most dieters face a common problem—not knowing how to switch off hunger pangs. If you’re constantly battling the urge to snack, try intuitive eating. This nutritional philosophy is based on the premise that you become more attuned to your body’s natural hunger signals and avoid the binge. Here’s how you could put it into practice.

  • To begin with, learn to honor your hunger and make peace with food, instead of viewing it as the enemy. Eating when you’re hungry means you recognize the body’s signals for sustenance, energy and satisfaction.
  • Choose to eat foods that will keep you full longer, instead of those that lead to a spike in your blood sugar, setting off a cycle of more cravings.
  • Control your portion size by observing the amount that fulfills you, instead of mindlessly overeating.
  • Avoid distractions like watching TV, reading or talking on the phone, so your meal has your full attention.
  • Instead of being critical about your body, accept it and appreciate the many ways in which it serves you faithfully. Now invest in its functioning by exercising regularly, which will also boost your metabolism and burn calories efficiently.

The next time you have a pang, go ahead and eat without the guilt. Don’t lose your fitness goal because of a small slip up.

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