Don’t you just love the crunch of fresh, healthy greens like spinach and arugula in your salad? If you’re a fan of clean eating, you already know that greens don’t stay fresh for too long. No matter how low you turn the temperature of the refrigerator, they wilt away sooner than expected.

The main problem about storing leafy greens is the moisture. The moment it catches on to your veggie bag or container, the leaves begin to disintegrate. So what’s the best way to store them and keep them alive?

The simplest trick is to use paper towels. Here’s how:

  • Wash your greens thoroughly, and be sure to dry them well. If they’re not dried properly, they will retain moisture, and wilt sooner.
  • You could also use a salad spinner to dry the greens efficiently.
  • Then, take a storage container and lay a paper towel on the bottom, and on the sides.
  • Place your greens inside in such a way that they aren’t packed in tightly.
  • Allow them to have some breathing space so that they remain fresh. Shut the container well, and use whenever needed.

Paper towels will soak in all the moisture from the container as well as the greens, keeping them fresh and crunchy for at least a week and a half.

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