Robert Downey Jr is in a good mood, and that’s not just because his latest action flick, The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, is doing good business. He’s also eating healthy and wholesome food, judging by his latest Instagram post.

Recently, the 50-year-old actor posted a delish photograph of an Arctic char dish, which he dined on at posh New York restaurant, The Spotted Pig.

A distant cousin of salmon and trout, Arctic char is a cold-water fish that breeds in fresh water bodies such as alpine lakes. Now available even as farmed varieties, it has been deemed an environmentally sustainable choice for consumers of fish, thanks to needing very few natural resources to feed on.

While most seafood is good for your health, oily fish such tuna, mackerel, salmon, sardines and lake trout are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that qualify as good fats. What’s more, they make for healthy, delicious meals. With the American Heart Association recommending at least two weekly servings of this kind of fish, maybe it’s time to add some Arctic char to your diet.

A healthy alternative for both salmon and trout, which are being extensively overfished and unsustainably farmed, Arctic char has a load of nutritional benefits: a 100gm serving of raw char contains 20g of protein, only 8.1g of fat, 51 mg of sodium, 551 mg of potassium, and 3-6g of Omega 3 fatty acids, with absolutely no carbs.

Easy to cook by grilling, steaming, baking or frying, this is one fish that you can’t go wrong with. Thanks to its high fat content, there’s no way to overcook char, and it tastes good with almost any accompaniment.

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