In celebration of World Food Day, which is on October 16, we bring you a roundup of three of the coolest, revolutionary food stories of the year.
We tell you how to make the classic favorite, chicken fried steak, healthier without losing out on the taste.
The classic Caesar salad is packed with calories. But you can make it healthier and tastier in just two easy steps.
If you’re a beer-loving vegan, then find out more about the drink before guzzling down a ton. We tell you how to pick the right brew for your special needs.
Move past brown rice and quinoa, and try this new, healthy super grain. Farro is easy to cook with and can be blended into some delicious recipes.
Don't just carve it for your jack-o-lantern; use pumpkin in its pureed form for some innovative recipes.
Eating certain foods triggers a bunch of happy hormones that can improve your mood. Read on to find out what they are.
Did you know that tea can help arrest your youth? Here are five more reasons why tea is always better than coffee.
The next time your week-old bulbs of garlic get bright green shoots, don't throw them away. Read on to know why.
A gluten-free diet is restrictive, but it packs in a couple of health benefits. Read on to find out how it can benefit you.