5 Of Our Fave Smoothie Bowl Recipes From Instagram

by Simona Terron
Smoothie bowls don’t have to mean just a smoothie in a bowl. Definitely not when you can embellish them with a variety of options: fresh or dry fruit that’s been sliced, diced, chopped, slivered, and segmented; nuts; seeds; grains; granola; edible flowers; frozen yogurt; cacao nibs; chocolate kisses... the list is endless.

We rounded up 5 of the prettiest smoothie bowls (it was a tough call limiting it to just five, people!) to give you some smoothie bowl inspiration:

1: For When You’re Just Too Matcha To Match
This coco matcha bowl from panaceas_pantry is as healthy as it is flavorful and pretty. The goodness of smooth and creamy coconut milk with a generous infusion of antioxidant rich matcha is complemented perfectly with whole fruit cut into attractive sections. Kiwi fruit, passion fruit, fresh figs, purple grapes and slices of lime add color and texture in large portions. A topping of coconut chips bring a nice nutty touch when used as a delicate garnish.

2: Bright, Bold & Beautiful
Mixing beets with dragon fruit can result in a rather vivid, beautiful hue that is sure to energize even the most reluctant riser if served for breakfast. Follow Josie Lancashire’s lead and decorate this thick soupy mix with a liberal dash of mixed nuts, seeds and grains (think pumpkin, sunflower, oats, peanuts, and raisins), and then arrange slices of pineapple orange segments in a fan shape.

3: You Go(ji), Girl!
Matcha’s mild and mellow grassiness and subtle green tone is set off rather nicely by almost gaudy pink goji berries. This is one helluva power packed meal by Pippa or There She Glows, thanks to the two superfoods combining to offer a tasty and classy smoothie bowl. Why drink matcha when you can eat it?

4: Cleanse Like A Green Mean Machine
If you want to pull off a fab spring sugar-free cleanse, why not give this gorgeous green sugar-free green smoothie from Juliana Leamen, a shot? This real food nutritionist loves coming up with beautiful plant-based recipes. To replicate it, just add a fourth of an avocado, fresh leafy greens like baby kale and arugula, the juice of a lime, some almond milk, a dash of hemp seeds and a scoop of a quality protein powder. Blend and pour into a bowl. Enhance the experience with beautiful ruby red pomegranate seeds, almond slivers, and lightly toasted sesame seeds.

5: Yes, Fruit Porn Is A Real Thing
Eating fruit and veggies doesn't need to be boring if you have a healthy imagination and a little bit of inspiration. When does a smoothie bowl not stay strictly in the bowl? When you pour it into a jar. A happy purple berry smoothie from IG Health Journal looks so good if you artfully squish some kiwi fruit crescents against the inside of the jar before pouring in the smoothie. Then take it over the top by piling on mini-bite sized chunks of cacao, sliced strawberries and whole blueberries, with a few incredibly pretty edible flowers for that rustic touch.

Images: Instagram
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