RECIPE: You'll Dig This Edamame Salad With Endive Cups & Bacon Bits From 'Flip My Food'

by The Z Living Editors
  • Total Time: 5 Mins
  • Cook: 2 Mins
  • Prep: 3 Mins
  • Serves: 2
Got 5 minutes? That's all the time (at most!) that you'll need to whip up this quickie salad of edamame, bacon bits, and endives crafted by chef Jeff Henderson of Z Living's popular show Flip My Food.

Watch the video below to see Chef Jeff whip up this dish in about 40 seconds. 

Check out more about Flip My Food with Chef Jeff and find out where to watch the show. If you've missed an episode, or don't yet get Z Living from your provider, watch it now by signing up for Z Living GO, where you can watch all the episodes plus live TV — you'll get a free 30-day trial.



  • 1 cup edamame, shelled
  • 2 tbs bacon bits, rendered
  • 3 tbs olive oil
  • 1 pinch mesquite salt
  • 1 tbs apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tbs pecorino cheese, grated 
  • 6 endive leaves


  1. Combine the edamame, bacon bits, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and salt and pepper in a bowl and mix.
  2. Adjust the seasonings and place a spoonful of the salad into the leaves of the endive. Top with grated pecorino cheese. 

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