Food Trend: Have You Tried Scrambled Eggs?

by Simona Terron

Life is all about making choices, but what if the best strategy is to take both options, and just combine them? That way you get to have your cake and eat it too, or as is the case here, you can fry and scramble your eggs to get the latest trend in hot breakfasts: frambled eggs.

You’re about to discover a delicious new way to have your eggs that is both, simple and quick to make.

While some folks prefer their eggs sunny side up and fried with crispy edges, others always choose to cook theirs into a fluffy, light and creamy scramble. But there should be a way to enjoy the contrast of that silken, runny yolk as well as the milky whites, and framble is the answer. It’s almost too surprising that nobody thought of this before. Go ahead and try this new breakfast trend at home:

  • The Tools: All you need is a regular cast iron or non-stick skillet and a spatula. No need to dirty mixing bowls or use a whisk.
  • The Ingredients: Eggs, grass-fed butter or olive oil, salt and pepper for seasoning, and any other mix-ins like herbs, spicy meats like chorizo, fresh greens or even cooked whole grains.
  • The Technique: Melt butter or warm the olive oil in the skillet over medium-low heat. Now break the eggs gently into the pan, one at a time. Using the spatula, break the yolks lightly and stir the whites around a bit. Now is the time to add whatever mix-ins you might want to incorporate, and stir slowly again until you see the yolks begin to set. Turn off the heat and serve immediately after seasoning.

There you have it; the best of both worlds. Rich in taste, looks pretty cool and the best part? Less washing up. Now go make your breakfast an epic experience.

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