Healthy Homemade Slushies To Keep You Cool

by Renee Mitson
Is there anything cooler (literally) than a slushie? Because it's one of the most refreshing treats on a blistering hot day, it's always tempting to want to quickly grab the first radioactive-colored treat you see at your local convenience store. But what if I told you that they were incredibly easy to make at home? Not only that, but that food bloggers everywhere have jumped on the bandwagon and have chimed in to share easy and nutritious recipes? 

Look no further, because here are a few summer slushies that will keep you cool, satisfy any treat cravings you have and because of their healthy ingredients, will help you avoid feeling sluggish for the day.

Homemade Green Apple Slushie

I will admit, this recipe is all my own and one of my go-to flavors. 

  • You start by slicing up Granny Smith green apples and adding them to the blender. Start with two apples. 
  • Then add about a cup of crushed ice (regular ice cubes are fine too), and add a tiny bit of lemon juice to prevent the green from turning brown in the summer heat. 
  • Blend. 
  • Add honey or agave nectar until you reach the desired sweetness. 
It’s sweet, it’s tart, and best of all HYDRATING!

Yummly’s Watermelon Slushie

This slushie is made in a similar concept except it utilizes the unofficial “fruit of the summer” - watermelon! Mix in a little lime juice and agave nectar and you’ve got yourself an 80 calorie drink that will keep you cool and in perma “barbecue mode.”

Balances Bites’ Citrus Berry Slushie

Feeling a little fancy? Then this might be the the slushie for you. Utilizing pitted cherries and raspberries, this slushy creates a dreamy combo of berries mixed with lemon and lime juice. Best of all? They recommend sweetening with maple syrup, which adds a richness of flavor, a little color, and an indulgent sweetness to any drink.

Thank Your Body’s Mango Berry Slushie

Girl, go find the frozen fruit section and tackle this gourmet slushie head-on. With mango, blueberries, strawberries and fresh lemon juice this is the “fruit punch” of summer slushies that will have you partying (and did I mentioned hydrated) long into the balmy summer nights. Extra points for adding a nip of vodka to the mix. 


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