Vegetarian Diet

Here are seven important nutrients that are abundantly found in meat and meat products.
A quick look at the vegetarian diet from a holistic point of view will reveal that it contributes to one’s overall fitness and well-being. These health benefits prove it.
Planning to go meatless? Make sure you still get your daily dose of essential nutrients with the help of these five foods.
While most fruit and veg are loaded with nutrition and fiber, we list down the most delicious ones that you can easily incorporate into your meals.
Whether you’re planning on adding more vegetables to your meals or going on a completely vegetarian diet, we tell you simple ways to do so without breaking the bank.
If you're not too convinced about the vegetarian diet, these 10 facts will urge you to give it a go.
Those looking to build some muscle mass need to make sure they are getting adequate calories and the right nutrients to repair and build their muscles.
Germans, known for their love of sausages, are eating less meat and more vegetarian food in the name of good health.
We tell you all about certain foods that are healthier when they're cooked, and how to prepare them for best results.
Before you decide to raise your kids on a vegetarian diet, consider these advantages, drawbacks and extra precautions.