Boost Brain Power

In today’s technology-obsessed world, our minds are in constant overdrive. Before we even open our eyes, our brain already knows to grab the phone and get ready to check the day’s texts and emails.

Most of us stare at computer or mobile screens all day and ignore the dull ache around our temples. More often than not, we assume that calls for a checkup with an ophthalmologist, but have we thought about what that signal could actually mean? What about the organ that is really doing all the work, the brain?

5 Easy Ways to Boost Brain Power

Follow these five easy steps, to get your brain back up and running at full power.

1. Call your best friend or your mom.

Texting is not the same as calling. Hearing the voice of someone you love triggers the brain to release endorphins that help to re-energize you, increase focus, and increase happiness levels. Talking to someone you love can help you take your mind off of current stressors and immediately helps you relax.

Not only are you keeping your brain happy, but you could be rejuvenating someone else’s mind as well. Calling someone does not have to be too much work either. Pick up the phone while you’re having lunch, or put the traffic to good use and make your phone call (hands-free, of course).

2. Go for a run, outside.

Daylight savings has given us the gift of enjoying longer hours of sunlight. Take advantage of the light and go for a quick jog before or after you plan on spending a whole day indoors.

The sun has natural vitamin D that helps boost the cognitive and memory functions of our brain. Not only will a run keep you physically in shape, but it will also transform your mental health for the better. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

3. Greens are your best friend.

Your brain needs healthy nutrients to keep you functioning at your best. Although it is easy to reach for the sugary stuff, try and stock your fridge with your favorite fruits to replace the chocolate. Junk food has no nutrients and will make you feel sluggish and lazy in the long run.

A diet rich in vegetables, fruit, and protein fuels the brain with clean power, and that will last you the whole day. Not only does a healthy diet fill you with long-lasting energy, it will also keep you physically fit.

4. Get lots of sleep.

You hear this every day, but it is proven that a good night’s sleep helps to rebuild and repair brain cells that will eventually improve your performance during the day. Lack of sleep reduces our cognitive functions and impairs our decision-making skills. A regular shutdown of the brain’s functions is much needed to keep us from reaching levels of exhaustion and hurting our mental well-being.

5. Stay positive.

Positivity goes a long way with your brain. Try to keep out those negative thoughts and convert them into something good instead. You will soon realize that keeping your mind positive will not only make you happier but also fills you with positive energy that will radiate from you throughout the day!

A couple of tips to practice positive thinking includes writing down what you are grateful for every day, or even complimenting someone is a good start to keeping your mind active with positive thoughts.

A Healthy Mind Is a Happy You

We often forget about the importance of mental well-being, and in honor of Brain Awareness Week, it’s finally time to take notice of the brain and give it the love it deserves. Follow these five simple steps to get back on track in no time!

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