Arthritis is commonly believed to be an old man’s disease. But while age is a factor that increases the risk and susceptibility of the disease, many children, teenagers and young adults are also falling prey to it.

Yoga poses strengthen the joints and improve their function, thus reducing stiffness. Here are five expert-approved yoga poses that can reduce arthritis pain.

1. Bridge Pose, Or Setu Bandhasana


This pose eases the pain around the spine, hip joints, neck and shoulder, and has a positive impact on blood pressure, diabetes and digestion. It also relaxes the mind and relieves respiratory problems. (Click here to find how to do this pose)

2. Corpse Pose, Or Savasana


This relaxing pose allows the body to heal from within. Slow and methodical breathing, the main essence of this pose, calms the mind, lowers blood pressure and relaxes the muscles and joints. (Click here to find how to do this pose)

3. Standing Side Stretch Pose, Or Parsvakonasana

Side-stretch-pose_227724829 (1)

This asana opens up the shoulder joints and increases muscle flexibility by engaging the thigh muscles, inner legs and ankles.

4. Triangle Pose, Or Trikonasana


Known to relieve any kind of neck and shoulder pain, this asana also works wonders on the hips. It loosens the shoulder joints, relieving problems associated with frozen shoulder by strengthening the legs, ankles and knees. (Click here to find how to do this pose)

5. Tree Pose, Or Vrikshasana 


The tree pose tones the muscles of the ankles, knees, hips, toes, shoulder, elbows and fingers. It improves circulation, especially around the joints, thus relieving inflammation and pain. Besides this, it also improves concentration.

Do these poses once a day to get immediate relief from arthritis pain.

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