An unhealthy lifestyle comprising of inappropriate work hours, stress, less sleep and too much junk food all lead to indigestion, which is the main cause of constipation. But you don’t need to always pop a laxative. These five basic yoga poses increase the blood flow to the digestive tract and stimulate the intestines to contract, making it easier for stools to pass.

1. Wind Relieving Pose, Or Pavanmuktasana

This pose does what it says on the label. As the name suggests, pavanmuktasana works to release gas from the abdomen, which is a common problem in constipation. It also corrects any acid reflux caused by indigestion. (Click here to find out how to do this pose.)

2. Plough Pose, Or Halasana 

This inverted pose works in relieving constipation as it increases the blood flow to the pelvic region and boosts digestion. Halasana is also known to provide comfort to the liver and the intestines, thus improving bowel movements. (Click here to find out how to do this pose.)

3. Cobbler’s Pose, Or Baddha Konasana

A forward bend, baddha konasana improves digestion, relieves gas, bloating and cramping. The pose is also believed to release stress, which is known for causing digestive difficulties. (Click here to find out how to do this pose.)

4. Child’s Pose, Or Shishuasana

This pose involves crouching down on your knees, which puts pressure on the lower abdomen and alleviates the pain experienced with constipation.

5. Chair Pose, Or Utkatasana 

The important physiological aspect of this posture is that it massages the ascending and descending colon, thus improving bowel movement. (Click here to find out how to do this pose.)

These five yoga poses will not only clean your colon and relieve constipation, but also protect from gastrointestinal problems.

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