Nobody likes to look old and saggy, but the most important thing we all should make peace with is that aging is a natural process that cannot be avoided. Internal aging is under the direct influence of our genes that cannot be controlled. However, external factors can influence the expression of these genes, resulting in premature aging. The most common reasons for premature aging are an unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits, smoking, stress, grief and anger.

Stress & Aging
We all know that emotional stress can negatively impact health. Studies have linked emotional stress to excessive production of free radicals, which in turn initiates aging. It hampers the flow of energy through our system and weighs us down. So the first step towards a younger you is to give up all that worry sitting on your head.

Reiki: An Answer To Anti-Aging
Reiki is an ancient healing technique that believes that all life forms have a core energy supply flowing through them and is responsible for their existence. The theory is that when the mind is positive our energy levels are high, while a mind filled with negative emotions depletes our internal energy. Negative energy buildups can result in blockages in the flow of the energy through our system and result in dysfunction and illness. (Related Article: Reiki Symbols — How They Heal)

According to Jennifer Bristol, a Texas-based Reiki practitioner and healer, “Any imbalance that occurs in the body has occurred at the energetic level first. These imbalances can take the form of hormonal fluctuations, cellular dysfunction and disease. If the aging process can be described as the increase in the complexity and frequency of these imbalances, Reiki can most certainly be effective in staving off the aging process.”

Reiki also helps to balance and align the vital energy centers in the body and thus relieves stress, soothes emotions and calms an overactive mind. On explaining how Reiki works to slow down the process of aging, Jennifer adds, “By addressing any imbalance at the energetic level, before it has had the chance to manifest in the body, the body will not show the wear and tear of those cumulative imbalances. The more aware any person becomes of their own energetic imbalance, the better chance they have of addressing it in advance.”

In short, Reiki can help correct the very imbalances that trigger the signals for premature aging. But what about all those aging signs that are already written all over your face? Can Reiki get rid of them?

According to Jennifer, “If an imbalance has already manifested physically in the body, the Reiki energy can remove stagnancy and blockages to restore balance and harmony.”  Reiki can not only uplift your face, but can also treat a number of other skin problems such as scars, blemishes and varicose veins.

Finally she adds, “A body in balance is much less susceptible to the negative emotional or environmental forces that exacerbate the aging process.”

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