Yoga for heart

With the amount of stress prevalent today coupled with unhealthy lifestyles, there has been a steady increase in the incidence of cardiac diseases. Most people are unaware of the reasons that lead to cardiac complications or the measures that can be employed to prevent them. In fact, there are people who may not be able to recognize the symptoms even when they present quite clearly!

It is important to understand that there are basically two types of diseases – those which can be modified and those that can’t. Issues that crop up due to natural aging process or due to genetic disposition cannot be modified by external factors. However, those cardiac issues that arise due to our inability to follow a healthy lifestyle can be treated and controlled to a large extent by modifying our lifestyle.

Yoga has slowly gained popularity over the years because it allows people to practice stress management while also inculcating good qualities. These qualities include the need to follow a healthy lifestyle, maintain a nutritional diet and an increased awareness of own body. It also plays a role in managing cardiac issues. For example, stress can increase the chances of coronary spasm while yoga can do the reverse and bring down the blood pressure and heart rate.

Those who have had cardiac complaints will benefit greatly by practicing a yogic lifestyle, meditation and asanas or exercises. Here are some of the asanas that can be beneficial.

  • Yogendra Nishpandabhava – The no-movement pose
    Sit on the floor with your back leaning against the wall and your head touching it. The feet must be stretched in front. Your body must be completely relaxed with a little gap between your legs and your palms placed on your thighs facing upwards. Maintain this posture for about ten minutes and focus on sounds in the distance.
  • Anitya Bhavana – The objectivity technique
    Practice awareness and contemplation in silence every day to be able to view the world and its issues with detachment. This will allow you to maintain calm even when in a storm. This practice can be enhanced by doing meditations.
  • Sthitaprarthanasana – The standing prayer pose
    Stand with your feet together, toes and heels touching and hands folded at chest level. Maintain this pose for a few minutes whereby you observe your breath while keeping your back straight.
  • Dradhasana – The firm pose
    Lie on your left side with your head cushioned by the left arm. The body must be aligned as if in a single line with legs one atop the other and right arm resting on the body. Relax like this for a few minutes.

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A dynamic and charismatic personality, Smt. Hansaji, present Director of The Yoga Institute, Santacruz (E), Mumbai is an epitome of empowered woman and has dedicated her life to the running of the Institute and to teaching yoga as a way of life in a completely practical way. Hansaji has been selected as ‘The Woman of the Year – 2000’ by the American Biographical Institute, U.S.A. for her outstanding accomplishment and the noble example she has set for her peers and entire community. She is perhaps best known throughout the nation due to her involvement in the popular television series ’Yoga for Better Living’, first aired in 1980.