Do you keep your Wi-Fi router on all the time? Do you like to keep your cell phone, with the Wi-Fi on, close to your body while sleeping? Have you also been dealing with insomnia, anxiety and concentration issues of late? Chances are you might have radiation sickness, the source of which is your Wi-Fi connection.

While wireless technologies have made life easier, experts claim that an increased exposure is making people sick and most people are not even aware that it’s their Wi-Fi’s that’s the cause.

The negative effects of Wi-Fi connections came under the scanner when a group of ninth graders found that the garden cress seeds, which they had placed near their routers, refused to grow, turned black and died. Another similar study, conducted in the Netherlands, found that the trees chosen to test tolerance to heavy Wi-Fi signals began to show typical signs of radiation sickness, including a lead-like shine on their leaves.[1]

Unlike TV and radio waves, Wi-Fi signals are so strong that they can pass through concrete walls. Experts also say that an increased exposure to Wi-Fi and other wireless radiations could result in an epidemic of cancers in the future.[2] Several studies show that a prolonged exposure to Wi-Fi and cellphone radiations can trigger certain symptoms that can have long-term side-effects on your health. They are:

1. Brain Fog
Brain fog is a clouding of consciousness which has signs of forgetfulness, confusion, lack of focus and mental clarity. It is the most common symptom triggered by Wi-Fi radiations.

2. Insomnia
Wi-Fi radiations can interfere with your sleep patterns and cause a chronic sleep disorder or insomnia. Depression and hypertension could further stem from inadequate sleep. A 2007 study found that those exposed to electromagnetic radiation emerging from cell phones had a difficult time falling asleep and had changes in brainwave patterns.[3,4]

3. Low Sperm Count
Research indicates that W-Fi radiations can also reduce sperm motility and cause DNA fragmentation.[5] Animal and human testings have confirmed the same.[6,7]

4. Increased Heart Rate
A study done with 64 subjects reported that many of them experienced an increase in heart rate when exposed to electromagnetic waves, which was similar to an individual’s heart rate under stress.[8]

5. Cancer
Wi-Fi’s link to cancer was validated by the case of a 21-year-old women, who developed a tumor, which later led to breast cancer, right at the spot where she tucked her cell phone under her sports bra.[9]

How To Protect Yourself From Wi-Fi Exposure

  • Switch off your phone’s Wi-Fi and other routers before going to sleep.
  • Keep cell phones away from your body and carry them in your handbags.
  • Some experts advice that melatonin supplements can help fight the effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure.[10,11,12] You can take 10mg melatonin supplement at night to reduce the effects. However, consult your doctor before you you do so. They are available online, here.
  • Similarly, l-carnitine could be useful in providing antioxidant support for nutrients lost by radiation.[13,14] Though a 500mg l-carnitine supplement could be safely taken once a day, consult your doctor for the right dosage. You can buy them online, here.

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For more interesting stories, visit our Health page. Read more about Diseases & Conditions here.

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