When an adult gains significant amount of weight, the body produces more fats cells. These cells together form the adipose tissue which requires blood supply. In order to ensure that the new tissue gets adequate amount of blood, the vascular system expands to make up for the increase. Your body makes blood vessels of about 7 miles in length for every pound of fat you gain.

This in turn strains your heart as it has to work harder to pump blood through the new network of blood vessels. When you lose weight, the body reabsorbs the blood vessels from the lost tissue. This decreases the strain on your heart.

Here are six tips to aid you in weight loss.

1. Change Your Food Choices: When hunger sets in, we crave salty and oily foods. To stay satiated and eat less, have slow digestive, protein-rich foods such as lean chicken, turkey, soy-based products and beans.

2. Prepare Home-Cooked Meals: Get into the kitchen and prepare your own meals. This is one of the best ways to know exactly what you’re putting into your mouth and also helps control your calorie intake.

3. Eat Slower: Taking your time while eating will make you eat less. This is because it takes 20 minutes for the stomach to send a message to the brain that it is full.

4. Reduce Salt: When you eat salted nuts, you develop an intense feeling of hunger and thirst. That’s when you pile on unhealthy foods, especially chips. Reduce your cravings by cutting back on salt.

5. Start With Soup: To reduce your appetite, have a bowl of vegetable soup before a meal. Not only is it loaded with nutrients, but it also aids your weight-loss program.

6. Add Some Spice: Spices such as chillies, black pepper and cayenne are known to curb cravings. That’s because the compound, capsaicin, in these spices triggers the brain to release endorphins (feel good hormones), which make you feel satisfied quicker.

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