Do you see a lot of action between the sheets? If yes, you sure know the perks of having sex and the positive effects it has on your mood. But do you know that sex is more than just pleasure?

Not only does a healthy sex life improves your mood and strengthens your relationship, studies point out that it also benefits your overall health. From slowing down aging, improving immunity, preventing cancer and making your heart healthy, sex definitely revs up your health. Read on to know why regular bedroom time will keep you healthy.

1. Sexercise To Lose Weight
Yeah, you read that right! While sex cannot be compared with kickboxing or a gym session, the fact that you’re getting some muscular workout is undeniable. Sex involves different positions (depending on preferences) and involvement of various muscles—arms, thighs, hips, legs and core—which work wonders for the body. While experts argue that an orgasm may fry only a few calories, the prelude can burn about 150 calories for every half an hour of action.

2. Boost Your Immunity
According to scientists from Wikes University in Pennsylvania, people who have frequent sex (two to three times a week) have stronger immune systems as opposed to those who have little or no sex at all. Sex increases the production of immunoglobulin A (a major antibody) in the body, thus increasing your ability to fight infections. (Related Article: 5 Wonder Herbs To Boost Immunity)

3. Good For The Heart
Of course a healthy diet, adequate physical activity and sleep does wonders for your heart health, but so can sex. The act of lovemaking is an exercise in itself, which improves the heart rate and blood pressure. Love definitely makes your heart strong, after all. (Related Article: Have A Healthy Heart With These 3 Supplements)

4. A Natural Sleeping Pill
While the climax concludes it for you, so does it for your body, and if you start snoring right after that perfect orgasm, don’t be surprised. The release of oxytocin and endorphins after a satisfied lovemaking session can make you sleep more peacefully. (Related Article: 5 Steps To Sleep Easy)

5. Improves Mental Health
The physical act is undeniably pleasurable but so is the mental calm it brings. From foreplay to climax, your brain is constantly shooting off signals to release your body’s ‘feel-good hormones’ which rev up your brain’s pleasure and reward system.

Sex is a powerful tool to stifle away the blues and uplift your mood. Sexual intimacy with your partner will boost your self-esteem and also make you smart by increasing the blood flow to the brain. That’s an intelligent bonus, right?

6. Turn Back Time
Can’t afford those expensive, celebrity-endorsed beauty products? Worry not! The secret to a glowing skin is at the tip of… well, you know what! While a post-coital glow is temporary, the extended long-term benefits of sex to skincare are plenty.

When you come, your body releases a hormone called DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) that can heal damaged skin and also reduce wrinkles. So if you are noticing fine lines and a dull face, you should definitely get some alone time with your guy. Believe us; your face will thank you! (Related Slideshow: Face First: Ironing Out The Crow’s Feet)

7. Pain Relief
Why pop that analgesic when sex can do it for you? Oxytocin, released just before an orgasm, rushes through the body releasing endorphins, which are similar in structure to opiates and have the same painkilling effect. You might want to change that line from “Not tonight sweetheart, I have a headache” to “Let’s do it, honey, I have a headache”.

8. Makes You Live Longer
Club all the benefits of sex and voila—you have a long life to live.

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