Your skin—the largest organ of your body—can immediately signal if there’s something wrong in your body. If you’re facing any of these warning signs, chances are that there’s a bigger problem inside.

1. Dark Circles & Puffiness
You Could Have:
Food intolerance or allergies
Dark circles are usually related to irregular or improper sleep, but those that persist can also point to allergy or intolerance to certain foods. Some food allergens may cause an immune response as mild as under-eye dark patches. Experts recommend leaving out dairy and wheat from the diet to check if the marks lighten. Alcohol is another known culprit which, even in moderate quantities (1-2 glasses a day), can cause dark circles, so avoid it completely if you have persistent puffiness or under-eye patches. (Related Article: Wipe Out Under Eye Circles Naturally With These 5 Home Remedies)

2. Canker Sores
You Could Have:
Vitamin B deficiency
Deficiency of vitamin B is related to a host of mouth problems, including canker sores, inflammation, cracking in the corners of the mouth and fungal infections. Include whole grains, green vegetables and meat in your diet, all of which are good sources of vitamin B.

3. Acne
You Could Have:
Toxic buildup, hormonal imbalance or a leaky gut
If you’re an adult and still suffering from acne, chances are you have one of these internal health issues. In the case of a toxic overload, the liver isn’t able to process the excess toxins, instead pushing them out through the skin and leading to acne. Blemishes may also result from an unhappy or leaky gut. A 2011 study suggested that an imbalance in gut bacteria can also cause acne. Taking 1tsp ginger-garlic paste with water twice a day can help rid you of your acne. (Related article: Could Your Acne Mean Something)

4. Brownish/Grey Patches On The Neck Or Armpits
You Could Have:
Commonly known as acanthosis nigricans, this skin discoloration usually occurs around the neck, armpits or groin and serves as an early warning sign of type 2 diabetes. Experts recommend shifting to a low-sugar diet to deal with this condition. (Related Article: How To Tackle Diabetes The Holistic Way)

5. Intensely Itchy Skin
You Could Have:
Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
An itch which doesn’t ease with treatment can be an early sign of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Visit your doctor immediately in such a case.

Your skin is capable of portraying almost every internal health hazard—all you need to do is be aware and listen to it.