ugly signs of allergies

While most of us eagerly wait for spring to fill our lives with warmth and beauty, for many it brings a host of allergies. Spring and summer allergies and their hallmark symptoms—blocked nose, congestion, sore throat and watery eyes—can leave you exhausted and make your life miserable.

However, the runny nose and itchy throat can sometimes be accompanied with various other ‘cosmetic’ issues that often go unnoticed. We tell you about four such symptoms that could be caused by seasonal allergies.

1. Dark Patches Under The Eyes
Hard to believe that an allergy can give you dark circles? If your eyes gave become puffy and the skin under them has grown darker after you got a cold, then you have definitely fallen prey to an allergen. These patches are caused by the swelling and discoloration triggered by the congestion of small blood vessels in the delicate eye area.

2. A ‘Droopy’ Face
Remember ‘Droopy The Dog’? According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), an allergic reaction can give you a droopy face. An adenoidal face, or what doctors call an allergic face, is often a result of nasal allergies. These can make your adenoids (lymph tissue that lines the back of the throat and extends behind the nose) to swell, which makes your face look saggy and tired. Here are four natural remedies to keep tiredness away.

3. Crease On The Nose
With all the excess mucus produced to get the allergens out of your system, a runny nose is inevitable. However, the nasal congestion and itching often makes us rub the nose upwards in an attempt to find some relief. The result—a line that appears across the bridge of the nose.

4. Breathing Through The Mouth
The congestion associated with allergic rhinitis can make breathing difficult. That’s the reason allergy sufferers are seen breathing through their mouth. This practice may result in development of a high, arched palate, an elevated upper lip, and an overbite. Teens with allergic rhinitis might need dentures in severe cases.

In any of the above cases if your symptoms persist for more than two weeks, it’s best to see a doctor.

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