Jogging: The sheer thrill of a new tracksuit, socks and running shoes will keep you motivated. Add to that the view of the park, countryside or river and your 45-minute workout routine will have you never wanting to go back to the treadmill. Jogging helps strengthen the bones and muscles, improves cardiovascular fitness, and can give you a 400 calorie burn in an hour.

We all know the importance of exercise for a healthy body and mind. Not only does it boost immunity, but also elevates the mood and revs up your overall health. But, what if the toxins in your workout clothes are undermining your efforts? A research done by Greenpeace shows that our workout clothes could give us long-term health problems.[1]

The Toxins In Sportswear
Environmentalists, health professionals, and consumers over-the-world have raised an outcry after recent research states that your sportswear could contain dangerous toxins such as chemical dyes and perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs)— class of industrial chemicals used primarily to repel water and oil in outerwear. Chemicals in these clothing tend to rub off the skin and cause endocrine disruption (prevent the endocrine glands from secreting hormones or interfere with the action of hormones).[2]

When one sweats while exercising in these clothes, the chemicals present in them seep through the pores and enter the body. Science has already established the connection between PFCs and cancer.[3]

However, companies such as Nike are working quickly to phase out chemical ingredients. It’s only when demand is created through growing consumers awareness of these toxins that other companies will follow suit.

How To Avoid Them
The best way to avoid toxins in your sportswear and all your other clothes is to opt for 100 percent organic or 100 percent cotton clothing. You can choose from companies that manufacture workout clothes made from flax, hemp and even bamboo. To buy organic clothing online, click here.

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