7 natural remedies for hypertension

The easiest solution for hypertension is prescription drugs. But while these medications do help in controlling blood pressure, they are often associated with side-effects like insomnia, leg cramps and dizziness. Traditional herbs and medicines have long been used not only to treat hypertension, but also a wide variety of diseases.

Here we list seven herbal remedies that can calm your nerves and lower blood pressure.

1. Garlic
These pungent pods help to relax and dilate the blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more freely and bringing about a favorable dip in blood pressure.
How To Use it: Crush two or three small cloves of raw garlic and use it to flavor your food. If the flavor is too strong, roast the pods before using them. You can also have the crushed garlic with a glass of water or milk. Alternatively, you can have garlic supplements 600-1200mg (pills or powdered extract) three times daily. They can be bought online here.

2. Hawthorn
Rich in antioxidants, hawthorn increases blood circulation and dilates blood vessels—especially coronary arteries. (Related article: Heal Your Heart Naturally With Hawthorn)
How To Use It: Dried hawthorn leaves can be used to brew a herbal tea. Buy hawthorn tea here.

3. Cacao Extract
Raw cacao powder is rich in flavonoids which relax the muscles and stimulate vasodilation (widening of the blood vessels), and also improves blood flow.
How To Use It: Cacao powder can be bought easily from your supermarket or even online. You can use cacao powder to transform your favorite smoothies, puddings, shakes, brownies, cookies and cakes into super-healthy concoctions. (Related article: 4 Reasons You Should Add Raw Cacao To Your Diet)

4. Celery Seeds
Being a diuretic, celery assists in blood pressure control by throwing excess salt out of your system. A recent study found that celery juice reduced blood pressure in 14 out of 16 patients.
How To Use It: A glass of fresh celery juice when mixed with 1tsp of vinegar provides relief from dizziness, headache and shoulder pain associated with hypertension. Fresh or dried celery seeds, capsules filled with celery oil and celery seed extract can be easily found online.

5. Hibiscus
Rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, research attributes the anti-hypertensive effect of hibiscus to its vasorelaxant (relaxing the blood vessels) properties.
How To Use It: Brew a herbal tea with dried hibiscus flowers. You can find this tea here. (Related article: Hibiscus Tea: Health Enhancer And Natural Fat-Flush)

6. Cat’s Claw
Several studies have shown that cat’s claw acts on the calcium channels present in the cellular membranes and helps reduce elevated levels of blood pressure.
How To Use It: The bark of the cat’s claw vine can be crushed and used to make tea. Root and bark extracts are also available in liquid and capsule forms here.

7. Basil
Basil extract contains eugenol, which affects the levels of endothelins (a protein which constricts blood vessels) and lowers blood pressure significantly. (Related slideshow: 9 Reasons Basil Is Good For Your Health)
How To Use It: Sprinkle five to six crushed basil leaves to flavor your soups, pastas or salads.

While the healthiest way to control blood pressure is to minimize stress and eat right, these natural remedies can provide long-term relief.

Note: Speak to your doctor before using a herbal supplement to avoid complications.


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