Millions of Americans suffer from unexplained nerve pain, which can affect you in many forms—burning, tingling, pins-and-needles sensation that can run down your back, legs and even hands and feet. This often leaves the sufferer miserable since there is no permanent cure for the condition.

Understanding Nerve Pain
Nerve pain stems from a damage to the nerve, which can be triggered by a number of reasons—use of certain kinds of drugs, excessive toxins in the body, cancer, HIV, diabetes, autoimmune conditions such as lupus and many other factors.

The damage to the nerve can have a two-fold effect—it relays no information and, therefore, causes numbness or sends excessive and inappropriate pain messages to the brain. This confuses the brain into interpreting the information and results in chaos and pain.

Model guru Yogi Cameron explains in this video how expelling toxins from the body can help alleviate nerve pain in the neck and shoulders. He also gives a quick remedy to ease it.

Quick DIY Herbal Recipe For Nerve Pain

  • 2 cups raw sesame oil
  • 3tbsp bala herb

Directions: Mix the herb with the oil and cook it for 45 minutes in a pot over a medium flame. Once cool, massage gently on the affected area.

How It Works: Bala (Sida cordifolia) is a rejuvenating tonic, specifically used to treat conditions affecting the nervous system, which originate from excess Vata and Pitta. Its nervine properties are harnessed to alleviate nerve pains, neuralgia, sciatica and neurosis. Sesame oil, on the other hand, has a cooling and relaxing effect on the body and, when combined with bala, makes an excellent herbal remedy that reduces nerve pain in minutes.

Here are a few other natural ways that can help soothe your sore muscles and joints:

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