7 Natural Remedies For Allergies That Actually Work

Fri, Aug 4th 2017

Abhijita Kulshrestha

Natural remedies for allergies offer an organic means to cutting those sneezing fits, dry-eye spells, and stuffy noses out of the picture. The process is a very-dialed down version of what happens on our show I Beat The Oddswhich features true stories of people finding natural treatments to mysterious diseases, and life-threatening diagnoses.

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The performance of some natural treatments for diseases is pretty mind-blowing, and it opens us up to incorporating things natural remedies into our lives. These are our favorite seven natural remedies for allergies.

1. Local Raw Honey

Taking a spoonful of raw honey everyday helps you build an immunity to local pollen stirring up all of those allergies. This well-known 2011 study from South Karelia Allergy and Environment Institute found that birch pollen honey generally works as a better deterrent of pollen-allergy symptoms than conventional medicine, helping solidify honey’s spot as one of the best natural remedies for allergies. 

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2. Apple Cider Vinegar

A lot of people will have a daily glass of apple cider vinegar mixed with lemon juice to keep their allergy symptoms at bay. The Underground Health Reporter even cites that users claim apple cider vinegar can help with allergies to pets, food, and the environment.

3. Probiotics

Probiotics are among the more medical-sounding natural remedies for allergies, but they sure do work. WebMD even says that, “‘Friendly bacteria’ known as probiotics may help take some of the misery out of hay fever, or seasonal allergies.”

4. Butterbur

Butterbur is an absolutely beautiful herb, that’s been used as a headache treatment, and pollen-allergy remedy for years. According to Reader’s Digestsome studies suggest butterbur is also a non-drowsy antihistamine that helps with nasal allergy symptoms.

5. Fish Oil

Fish oil is another effective natural remedy for allergies, that also works as rich health supplement. Reader’s Digest points out that fish oil has been found to help people with allergic asthma, because it helps lower levels of leukotrienes—the chemicals that spur allergic reactions. 

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6. Saline Drip or Neti Pot

Some people like to take a proactive approach to using natural remedies for allergies. The most common method of getting ahead of congestion and sneezing is to do a daily saline rinse of your nose, or neti pot pour to clear your nasal passages of pollen and other irritants. 

7. Acupuncture

Acupuncture has long been a somewhat controversial and mysterious treatment for pain, inflammation, and even allergies. It’s been effectively used as an alternative to antihistamine medication for years.


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