Natural Remedies

Yes, it's true. Eating more curry can give you a healthy cervix as well as cut down your risk of cervical cancer. We tell you why.
While many health conditions do creep up as you grow older, there are many that can be prevented, or actually have nothing to do with age at all.
Packed with powerful antioxidants, milk thistle can benefit your health in multiple ways, especially your liver and prostate.
Your body needs care and attention after you've delivered your baby more than you did during your entire pregnancy. From irritated nipples, hair loss to vaginal pain, we have all-natural solutions to all your post-natal problems.
If you’re looking for a natural remedy to relieve that knot in your neck, checkout our easy-to-make anti-inflammatory balm.
St John’s Wort's pain-relieving properties can come handy in getting rid of sciatic nerve pain pain. Here's how you can use it.
Having debunked the myth that green tea is not really a fail-safe health drink, we now talk about the five recognized side effects that every green tea fan must know about.
Packed with polyphenols that exhibit antioxidant activity, here's how you can use grape seeds to find relief from the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.
Before you lose more sleep over your inability to get proper sleep, we take a look at three reasons that could be the cause of your misery and what you can do to fix them.
The high-fiber content in millet ensures slow release of glucose into the bloodstream, which helps maintain the blood sugar levels.