Natural Remedies

Touted for its fat burning properties, research suggests that forskolin might also help keep your heart in good shape.
Studies show that strawberries can slow down the digestion of glucose and reduce spikes in blood sugar.
Studies show that ashwagandha can relieve fatigue and improve the quality of life.
Curcumin present in turmeric can reduce Inflammation and oxidative damage to brain cells.
Follow these expert-recommended tips to keep allergies away this fall.
The sulfur compounds present in garlic can protect against organ damage resulting from heavy metal toxicity.
Animal studies show that pomegranate juice is beneficial in increasing blood flow and erectile response.
The antioxidants present in tea protect gums and teeth from oxidative damage.
Peanuts contain a number of heart-healthy nutrients such as niacin, copper, magnesium, oleic acid, and various antioxidants.
You may not be a fan of their earthy taste, but beets stand fair and tall on their anti-cancer benefits.