Natural Remedies

These six powerhouse foods are loaded with nutrients and cancer-fighting compounds to keep your breasts healthy.
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Here are 12 health benefits of peppermint that you may not have been aware of.
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It may not be as important as iron, calcium or magnesium, but cobalt does play a role in basic nutrition and overall health.
Deficiency of serotonin is one of the reasons for depression and anxiety, which have an impact on overall health. Low serotonin levels may be the reason behind your grumpy mood. Let’s a take a look at these three herbs that can keep your serotonin levels up.
Packed with antibiotic, antiseptic and blood purifying properties, propolis, produced by bees, has amazing health benefits.
A few sprigs of cilantro can do wonders to keep your bones healthy. Read on to know more.
Does your heart beat less than 60 times per minute? Bradycardia is a condition in which your heart beats very slowly when at rest.
Do you often feel bloated or suffer from flatulence and acidity? These signs indicate poor digestion. Correct your tummy problems with these five stomach-soothing digestive herbs.