More common in infants and toddlers, earaches can be excruciatingly painful. While they are mostly caused by an infection in the ear, they can also stem from a cold, fluid or wax buildup, physical damage inside the ear and an increase in the air pressure (caused by air travel).

While an earache that lasts for three days or more should not be ignored, there are several home remedies which can eliminate pain and fix your troubled ear—garlic being one of them.

Garlic For Earache
A strong antibiotic and analgesic, garlic not only fends off infections, but also alleviates pain. [1] An age old remedy that can provide you instant relief, garlic is quite effective in treating pain that stems from an ear infection.

A 2003 study published in the journal Pediatrics found that a herbal preparation containing garlic extracts was beneficial in treating Otitis Media (infection of the inner ear) in children. [2] The antifungal property of garlic was studied in the treatment of otomycosis (fungal infection in outer ear canal), particularly caused by the Aspergillus species. [3]

How To Use It

  • Mince three to four garlic pods and heat them in 1tbsp sesame oil. Strain when cool. Put two to three drops of this oil in the affected ear using a sterile dropper twice a day.
  • Alternatively, you can crush a few pods and extract the juice. Put two to three drops of this juice in the painful ear three times a day.

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