A muscle cramp can happen at any time, during a workout session or while you’re just lounging on your chair. They are usually a result of muscle overuse, dehydration, stress and even fatigue. Whatever be the cause, the pain that comes with a muscle cramp can leave you paralyzed for a while.

While many use pain-relieving and muscle relaxant sprays to ease the pain, you may want to leave them on the shelf from now on and try a quick and easy home remedy—wintergreen oil—to get relief instead.

What Makes It So Effective?
Wintergreen oil is extracted from the leaves of a shrubby plant called Gaultheria procumbens, which is native to northeast United States and Canada. With a pale or pinkish yellow hue, this oil has a fresh and sweet scent, similar to that of mint. The oil is rich in methyl salicylate that is renowned for its analgesic and antispasmodic properties. It’s a popular muscle relaxant and has the ability to eliminate pain almost instantly.

When applied to the affected area, it gets readily absorbed and stimulates blood circulation. This helps in clearing any obstructions in the blood flow that can sometimes be the main reason for your cramping muscles.

How To Use It

  • Mix 1tsp wintergreen oil with 4tsp of a carrier oil such as jojoba, coconut, olive or vegetable oil and massage it gently on to the affected area. Massage twice daily for better results.

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