Sadly, pregnancy is not just about morning sickness and nausea. It brings a whole host of other problems such as extreme fatigue, mood swings and frequent urination, which leave many moms-to-be in distress. Pregnancy constipation is yet another common ailment that troubles pregnant mothers.

From high progesterone levels and your growing baby putting extra pressure on your rectum, to your prenatal iron supplements, many factors lead to pregnancy-related constipation. While loading up on fiber is the best way to get things moving through your intestines and alleviate your bowel troubles, certain herbal remedies can be equally effective in banishing your tummy woes.

Though many natural herbs are considered unsafe during pregnancy, some such as dandelion pass the test.

How Does Dandelion Work:
A mild laxative known for its therapeutic properties, dandelion greens are known appetizers. The leaves have a lovely bitter flavor, which complements a varied platter of dishes. Dandelion root, on the other hand, helps in alleviating constipation.

Rich in vitamin A, calcium and iron, dandelion root relieves edema and nourishes the liver. It also enhances the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

How To Use It:

  • Make a tummy soothing tea by boiling 1tbsp dandelion root in 2 cups of water for 10 minutes. Strain and drink once cool. Add honey or lemon for flavor.

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